BA Journalism & Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate program equipping students with the technical skills and social understanding to write about and convey information - to the general public - involving business, history, culture, budget issues, governmental matters, entertainment, and sports, through the means of mass communication such as TV, radio, and web-based social networks. As the field of journalism is established on truth, autonomy, and transparency, the course provides a holistic knowledge at both theoretical and practical level.

Predominant subjects included in this course are Communication Theories and Models, Public Relations, Design and Graphics, Digital Media, Reporting and Editing for Print Media, Radio Production, Data Journalism, Photo-Journalism, Event Management, and Media Law and Ethics. The program also offers choices for various elective courses like Entrepreneur Development, Business Communication, Foreign Language (French or German), Human Resource Development, Socio-cultural History of India, Organizational Behaviour, Fashion Communication, and Leadership Development and Team Building.

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