M.Sc. Physics

M.Sc. Physics is a two-year postgraduate degree programme offered by many colleges in India. The primary objective of offering B.Sc course is to help students understand pure Physics and its application in day-to-day life. It is a comprehensive course and finds its application in various fields especially in research and technology.

Candidates who are enrolled in the M.Sc Physics course learn about various topics associated with the concepts of Physics like classical mechanics, nuclear physics, geophysics, astrophysics, matter, electronics, electromagnetism etc. The entire course is the combination of the academic curriculum, laboratories, thesis, projects and industry-driven programmes.

M.Sc Physics will help students make a good career in government sectors as well as Research & Development. Students who have good analytical thinking and numerical abilities skills and want to pursue a career in a technological field can opt M.Sc Physics course. After gaining enough knowledge and skills in M.Sc Physics course, candidates can go for further higher studies like Ph.D or M.Phil.

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