M.Sc Botany

M.Sc Botany is the branch of biology that deals with the advanced study of plant life. It is a postgraduate degree programme that can be completed in 2 years. The course covers the structure, metabolism, reproduction, evolution and development and the relationship of the plant kingdom with the environment. Candidates who study M.Sc Botany also a chance to study the medicinal properties of plants and identify the plants that are poisonous to use. It is the scientific study of about a variety of plant specifies and their features.

An M.Sc Botany student studies plant life from various perspectives like biological, chemical and genetical level. They analyse the cells, tissues and various parts of plants for an in-depth understanding of the plant and its functionalities.

M.Sc Botany is a significant course to opt as plant kingdom are the most essential part of nature and serves human life in various ways like providing food, oxygen, medicine etc. They are essential source ti maintain balance in nature. Candidates who agave studied botany at the undergraduate level and ar

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