M.Sc Zoology

M.Sc Zoology is a two-year postgraduate programme that encompasses the study of existing and extinct animals. Under this programme, the students acquire adequate knowledge of  Biodiversity and anatomy of animals. Students pursuing M.Sc Zoology learn about the characteristics and evolution of animal life. The course also addresses the causes of loss of habitat,  disease and effect of climate change on animals life.

In addition, the M.Sc Zoology course also introduces the genetic evolution and the environmental conditions necessary for the well being and existence of animal diversity.

M.Sc Zoology is an advanced course that focuses on modern technology to study various aspects of animals life.

M.Sc Zoology course equally covers theoretical and practical sessions to help students understand the concepts in a better way. Students with an interest in the animal ecosystem and seeking in-depth knowledge of the animal kingdom, their evolution and behaviour can opt M.Sc Zoology after the completion of an appropriate Bachelors degree course.

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