M.A English

English Literature is one of the leading specialisations in the Master of Arts programme. It is the choice of many graduates to pursue the course of MA in English Literature. The programme is of the postgraduate level and is completed in a duration of two years. MA in English is an amalgamation of ancient and modern English Literature which mainly comprises four primary areas of focus, Poetry, Prose, Drama, and Linguistics. At the master's level, the study of English Literature is not limited only to the works of English writers but it incorporates the pieces of creation of writers from all over the world. MA in English gives the students a chance to delve into the vast ocean of literature from around the world, including literature from America, Canadia, Australia, Scotland, India, Poland, France, etc.

As the field of literature is enormous, students have to select electives and opt for the area in which they wish to specialise. The students get to learn and understand the historical, political, and cultural contexts of English and linguistics on an advanced level. MA in English explores the entire timeline of the development of literature over the years. It also involves all the movements and revolutions that happened at a particular time.

After completing the course of MA in English Literature, students can opt to go in various fields as per their interests. They can pursue higher studies or start working as well. MA in English is a two-year-long course which is usually covered in four semesters. As many students apply for this course every year, admission to MA in English Literature entails tough competition in almost all the universities.

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