M.A. Economics

M.A. in Economics is a postgraduate course which has been among the top choices of students pursuing the arts stream. The specialisation of Economics is offered under the degree of Master of Arts and almost every college of arts and humanities provides this course. MA in Economics is a programme that gives students a deep insight into the sectors of finance and management and develops their soft skills so that they are capable of facing any challenge in the public sector, industry or business.

M.A. in Economics teaches students about the latest principles of economic theory. The course provides them with practical experience through various projects internship programmes. Many students who have an interest in the world’s economy and the areas related to it opt for this course. Students get to learn about the ways in which the finances in an economy grow while developing a critical insight for analysing the vicissitudes of the financial market.

Economics is studied as the science of production, distribution, and consumption of wealth. The course of M.A. in Economics is provided not only in the regular mode but through the distance and correspondence mode as well. Some of the top colleges of the country admit students to their distance M.A. Economics programme every year.

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